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The summers are here! It’s always best to spend the humid season at the comfort of your home. Hence you may also want to bring in positive change to your home walls. If you’re a fan of art, pop-culture and designs, try Mural techniques for wall painting. Ever wanted to join a painting class or regain your passion for designs? Learn the simple art of mural painting on walls by enrolling yourself for Oil painting lessons. This blog will enlighten you about the various mural techniques for wall painting.

The ground work: Once you decide upon refurnishing your walls with a coat of mural, you must select a design that most suits your taste. Also read up on how to prepare a wall before painting a mural. It’s easy! Smoother the wall with a rough paper. Seal the holes with white cement. Then, apply a coat of primer and let it dry. Upon priming the wall, you can begin your artistic creation on the wall you’ve chosen. Make sure you have all the gear you require. It’s essential to keep the gear in handy as the paint tends to dry quickly.

mural painting on walls

Make use of nature’s components: To select the perfect mural gear, you could pick up a few fallen leaves and flowers. This could enhance your entire creation and may also be useful for the ordering. Mural painting on walls isn’t an easy task. You must have it sketched on a piece of paper before you decide to implement mural painting on walls. You could also use elements like twigs, sticks, shells and pebbles. Use these earthen gems while you set out on painting a beach, village or even a countryside. The outdoors give you many unique gears to highlight our mural painting. A natural technique could uplift your masterpiece.

Use in house gears for mural painting on walls: When you’ve completed the essential oil painting lessons, you’ve almost mastered the art of using them on any surface. Mural painting on walls requires the use of oil paints. The most important essentials are appliances. You’d obviously require different sizes of paint brushes, palettes and other apparatus for the varied techniques. You could always look around your house for the exact gear. Pick up a comb, a bottle cap, a fork or a crimped paper. Brainstorm on the ways you could use household items to add a spark to your mural painting on walls. The use of these household items could glorify any design you choose.

Clay for an animated effect: If you’ve had enough of paint everywhere, you could make use of some clay. Mural painting on walls could also bend with clay art. Purchase modern clay. You could either choose to paint the clay or buy a colored set. Give your Mural painting on walls a modern twist by applying clay on different parts of the painting. Clay could also be used as a visual effect on your walls for an animated feel. Rejuvenate your painted wall with 3D and 4D techniques by using clay art. Clay will slay your mural painting on walls.

Seal a painted wall mural with spray paint: When you begin sketching your idea on the wall you may tend to think where to start from? Or, How to finish and seal a painted wall mural? A beginner could either go for oil painting lessons or use spray paint for mural painting on walls. Applying spray paint is another technique of mural painting. It’s fun with friends, innovative and creative. You can do wonders with various colored sprays. Carve out shapes on a piece of cardboard and hold it against the wall. Spray paint the borders of the curved portion. If graffiti inspires you, then this technique is perfect. Spray paint will give it a graphic effect. In fact, you could design your favorite memes, comics and quotes by using spray paint. This is how to finish and seal a painted wall mural.


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