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For your creative inquiries, write to us. We will be happy to connect with you. 

Look at our FAQ section to check whether your query can be answered there.

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  • Who can join Palette's courses?
    We start with young children from age 7 upwards. Anyone with a passion to learn the arts is welcome to join!
  • What is the average length of a course?
    Classes are usually 2 to 3 hours long, and the average duration of our module is from three to six months.
  • I can't find the price of each course. How can I find out more about the price of each course?
    Most of our courses have a curriculum with a structured outline, run by multiple professors. Depending on the level and customization required, prices can vary. For a better estimate, fees for four classes in a month, 2 hours per session, once a week varies between AED 500-650, depending on the course content and age category. There is also a one time registration fee of AED 100.
  • Are materials provided for each course?
    Materials are provided for specific courses. Please contact us, noting the course you would like to take and your Palette representative would be happy to clarify.
  • I'm looking for a specific teacher, from "X" background, to teach me. Do you have someone like that?
    We have professionals from diverse backgrounds, experiences and nationalities who are qualified to help you learn more about art and design. We are more than happy to have our teachers understand what helps make your learning experience more enjoyable and fruitful before you enroll in any of our courses.
  • Do you provide online classes?
    Definitely! Palette has online classes available for interested students. ​ We understand that with COVID-19, it can be uncomfortable to go for classes physically. Palette has taken required measures to ensure that our workspace is safe and follows the norms set by the government. Please contact us if you have any other concerns - we are happy to inform you of the measures in place.
  • Do you provide a certificate upon completion of a course?
    Currently, we do not provide certificates for our courses.
  • What is the recommended age to take classes at Palette?
    Palette recommends that students be 7 years or older to start classes.
  • How can I get involved with Palette?
    There are many ways to professionally engage with Palette. You can be involved with us as an instructor for a course or conduct a workshop in collaboration with Palette in our premises. You can also be involved with us when we host exhibitions, and participate in our online gallery.
  • I would like to be an instructor at Palette. What should I do?
    Please contact us with your resume, what you would like to teach, and a little bit about your background. It would be helpful to also send a PDF, or online portfolio of your current work.
  • What kind of works does Palette deal in?
    Palette deals in all forms of visual art, including craft, sculpture and digital art. We are always keen to introduce new art forms as part of our offering.
  • What services does Palette offer?
    Palette offers a wide range of visual art solutions for your corporate needs including but not limited to commissioned art projects, installations, design and artwork, team-building exercises, creative coaching for employees/associates/members, art workshops, supporting launches/events and any similar initiatives that require art inputs. Please contact us and a senior member of the Palette management will reach out to you for a thorough assessment of your needs and propose a solution.
  • Can Palette provide a specific artwork to suit a requirement?
    Palette has off the shelf offerings as well as the option for customization based on individual needs. Please contact us for your individual requirements and a senior member of the Palette management will reach out to you for a thorough assessment of your needs and propose a solution.
  • What range of products does Palette offer?
    Palette is able to source a wide range of art items for buyers and collectors including sculpture, pottery, traditional paintings and portraits, folk art, and installations, on an individual basis or in bulk quantity. Please contact us at Palette for your requirements and a senior member of the Palette management will be happy to respond to your query.
  • How do I provide feedback?
    We would love to hear your feedback and keep improving the Palette experience. Please send your feedback when you contact us and a senior member from Palette management will connect with you as soon as possible.
  • Do you have another branch in Dubai?
    No, currently we do not have another branch.
  • Does Palette have any affiliation with any other academic institutes or organizations?
    Palette does not have any affiliation with other institutes or organizations at this time.
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