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The Palette Art provides a variety of original artworks made by professional and budding artists. We offer you an opportunity to support your local creative community while beautifying your space. 


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The Palette Art has a collection of artwork to beautify your home and office space, with a variety of different styles and designs. The Palette Art helps support both professional and growing artists on their creative journey, thereby providing its support to the local art scene in Dubai. 

Can’t find an artwork that fits your space? The Palette Art is continuously working on expanding its collection with more works that are vibrant and unique. Or contact us for individual commissions and projects. 

Our Artists

Niloofar Patel

Fine Artist 

Niloofar Patel is an emerging Indian artist based in Dubai. She has been practicing art since many years and she is very passionate about her creative process. In her work she deeply examines the form.


Lately she has been exploring ways to create unique form of abstract art through blend of colors on her canvas. She practices acrylic and mixed media techniques and also has unique way of using colors in her artworks. Her works has been largely appreciated worldwide. She has also been praised for her unique Arabic calligraphy works. 

Minika SK

Fine Artist 

Minika, is a self-taught artist based in Middle East. Presently, Minika’s paintings have transformed into her passion, thus resulting in a beautiful array of bold colors and depth. 


Her abstract paintings depict optimism, steer the viewer towards an era of imagery, and speak volumes. 

These paintings created are a reflection  of not only herself but also of her various experiences in life, reflecting a wide array of emotions and thoughts, connecting its viewers to some part of themselves. 

Subhasish Chakravarty
Fine Artist 

Hailing from Bengal, Subhasish Chakravarty is an artist who never needed any formal training had he not decided to do a bachelor in Fine Arts, just to add to his CV. To call him a versatile would be an understatement. He is a master of all subjects, and is fluent in style as in medium; oil, acrylic, charcoal, pastel, mixed media, watercolor, no medium is a challenge to him.
He has done portraits of several celebrities like Sourav Ganguly, the former captain of Indian cricket team, Victor Banerjee, an acclaimed film actor in Indian films and Yogi Adityanath, the present Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh.

Khushi Islam

Fine Artist 

I have completed my Bachelors in Fine Arts, majoring in Painting, from National College of Arts, Rawalpindi Campus in 2019. Prior to this, I have done my intermediate in Arts from St. Joseph College for Women, Karachi. I am from Karachi. I am adept at working independently and collaboratively on projects and committed to achieving aesthetically pleasing visuals.

I worked as a freelance muralist and glass painter. My work is mostly about rape victims and how very often they continue to live a difficult life where they face many mental health issues. My work has been done on various scales and my preferred mediums are ball pens, oils and acrylics on canvas. 


Fine Artist

In this mechanical world we see that the love is hidden by factors like racism, egoistic people and the lack of humanity. The colourful emotions and characteristic of human being is been covered by mortal skin and dignity. The core value of human being is not external or public due to the above quoted reasons. I am trying to bring out these valuable things which a human should have towards the nature with my colours.

Gwyenth Rasquinha

Fine Artist

Gwyneth Rasquinha has a versatile profile. Artist, Print Media Designer and Teacher. Gwyn, as she is known to friends did her stint in the world of Advertising and Direct Marketing as a Visualizer which has left its mark on her and has given her a strong and reputable portfolio. Born in Mumbai, India and currently living in Sharjah, UAE with her husband and daughter, Gwyneth has studied Psychology and later Applied Art.

Gwyn’s passion to paint is shaped by her constant quest for serenity and she paints as a form of prayer. Celebrating life, positive vibes, motivation, serenity and peace are recurring concepts in her work. Her works exhibit patterns, strokes and color with preferred choices of medium being acrylic, oil pastels and ceramic. Nature, children, music, beautiful prose and poetry fascinate her and she draws inspiration from them to envisage her creativity and transform them into beautiful and meaningful artwork.

Osama Khalaf

Fine Artist

Osama Khalaf gets his inspiration from the real life, and his paintings are so real that sometimes you question, "is it a photograph or a drawing?" Where should you draw the line between the two? Portraying to precision and perfection might be an understatement for his creation.

Hailed from Syria, Osama is a resident of Dubai from 2009. Passionate about art, Osama started drawing from the age of 4! With that he was destined for a path in the creative world. He is a Fine Arts graduate from Damascus, Syria and specialized in visual arts and communications.

He specializes on realistic drawing and mainly portraits, faces and figurative drawings using three of his favourite mediums: graphite, charcoal and pastel. He is attached to DIAC and Palette for classes on realistic drawing.

"I do not just draw people or imitate the photograph, I portray the real subject beyond what eyes can see, the inner beauty of the subject."

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