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The Palette Art offers a variety of structured courses for students of all levels, run by well qualified creative professionals and experts in their field who ensure personalized attention for each student. 


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Drawing and Painting

Core Courses

Courses Overall
Still life in acrylic by Adela.jpg

Drawing & Painting

Progressive & Continuous Course/2 hours per session

Applicable for students of all levels. For those learning from scratch, we start with the basics of drawing, sketching, shading and then go to different mediums. We'll use charcoal, pencils, colour pencils and pastels to draw still life, nature, landscape and figure and eventually experiment with paint. For advanced students, based on their request we introduce oil and acrylic on canvas. The elementary course starts as a six month course. 

Sat, Wed - Mornings & afternoons


Branding for Artists and Designers

Learn to find your signature / 3 hours per session

In this class, you will learn to find your signature, define what makes you strong, communicate properly about yourself, and promote your art as a brand, while preserving the integrity of your artwork. Nour Tannir will be the Instructor for this course with a wide range of experience in interior styling and product design

Wednesday & Friday (5-8 PM)




Fun and Learn Course for Children / Age Group: 5-7 years

Fun and Learn is our new course for children. In this course, we aim to get the children's attention and concentration and relax their minds through different types of ART activities. 

Days & Timing: 
Tuesday: 4:30 PM - 6 PM 
Friday: 3 PM - 4:30 PM 

Fee: AED 450 With Materials


Jewelry Making 

Learn the Jewelry Making Art / 2 hours per session 

Unlock Your Creativity and Craft Stunning Accessories with our Jewelry Making Course. Join us for a Free Information & Demo Session with Sachin Jain.
From Beading to Wirework, our Expert Instructors will guide you through every step of the process. Learn how to Choose the Perfect Materials, Master Essential Techniques, and Create Beautiful Necklaces, Bracelets, Earrings, and More.

Thursday (11 AM - 1 PM)


Jewelry Designing

Learn the Jewelry Designing Art / 2 hours per session 

Craft your own unique style with our Jewelry Designing Course. From sketch to a finished masterpiece, discover the art of transforming precious materials into wearable works of art. Join us and unleash your passion for jewelry design today. 

Thursday, March 30th (11 AM - 1 PM)



Art & Craft Course for Children / Age Group: 8-12 years

Art and Craft is our new course for children. In this course, we are going to teach them Basic Drawing, Shading, Colouring, Oil Pastel Art, Watercolour, Painting, Papercrafts, Clay Modeling, Recycling Art, and much more.

Days and Timing:
Monday: 4:30 PM - 6:30 PM 
Thursday: 4:30 PM - 6:30 PM

Fee: AED 550(Without Material)




To develop your designing skill on fabrics, dresses, accessories, and furnishing / 3 hours per session 

Surface Designing will help you to develop your design skill in fabrics, dresses, accessories, and furnishing. After completing this course you can create your own. This course will support you to build your own merchandise and generate commercial value.

One Class Per Week (Duration: 3 Hours)

Aparna portrait.jpg


20 sessions/3 hours per session

Palette develops and nurtures students’ skills in creating works for their college or professional portfolio. Students execute their vision, study different approaches, receive practical guidance, presentation tips, and more. Palette helps students who are pursuing fine arts, different fields of design (graphic design, product design, fashion design, etc.), and architecture.

Sun, Wed - Evening

aparna - pencil sketch


16 sessions/2 hours per session

One cannot learn a language without learning the grammar! Sketching is the grammar of drawing and painting and this course introduces both new comers and those who are used to painting, the basics of sketching, they can learn it from the simple and initial techniques of sketching.

Sat, Wed - Mornings & afternoons

Simpl Sketching

Advanced Courses


Acrylic Painting

Progressive & Continuous Course/2 hours per session

Applicable for students of all levels. For those learning from scratch, we start with the basics of acrylic from color theory to how to mix acrylic paints. Students will learn how to to build texture, form compelling compositions, and explore different subjects with acrylic paints. Students will also have the opportunity to explore different styles and how to achieve them with acrylics. 

Sat, Wed - Mornings & afternoons


Life Drawing

4 weeks/2 hours per session

In this course, students will draw and sketch from life while understanding the various mediums. There will be live model (male/female) available for all four sessions. Participants will observe the different sketching techniques while using various mediums and the understanding of basic body structure, rhythm, balance and the flow of human body. 

Available on weekends and weekdays

Taline art work.jpg

Mixed Media

4 sessions/2 hours per session

In this course, students will learn how to use the elements in art and the principles of design to create artworks from conventional and unconventional mediums. Students will be challenged in considering their composition, perspective, color theory, critical thinking skills, and gestalt principles to create stimulating and vibrant mix media work. 

Sat, Wed - Mornings & afternoons

The light.jpg

Oil Painting

12 weeks/2 hours per session

Oil is a mesmerizing medium. It can mimic objects in totality and recreate life. Perhaps an easy medium to handle after color pencils, charcoal, soft pastels as it is easy to rectify the mistakes. This course will deal with the very basic techniques of oil painting, using turpentine and linseed oil. Students go into detail with how the medium works, and experimenting with different forms of art using oil paints.

Sat, Wed - Mornings & afternoons


Pen & Ink

8 weeks/2.5  hours per session

Often, art can be made with just a pen and paper. For all skill levels, Pen & Ink introduces beginners to different ways one can render a subject using pen and ink. Add inks to it, and your sketches can come to life with pops of color and texture. For experienced students, Pen & Ink challenges more ways to push the medium. 

Available on weekends and weekdays


Realistic Drawing

2 sessions/3 hours per session

Realistic drawing introduces students to effective methods in creating life-like drawings. This course teaches students how to observe, outline shapes, shade, build volume, and add depth. For advanced students, this course challenges them to use different mediums to achieve the same, photo-realistic effect. 

On demand



8 weeks/2 hours per session

It takes patience and control over the brush, on the use of water and above all extreme patience when it comes to watercolor. Palette offers water colour classes for different levels and styles, starting from basic water colour classes where we talk about the relevance of the paper we use, to advance techniques on how to paint portraits, landscape and still life for those familiar with the medium.

Sat, Wed - Mornings & afternoons

Acrylic Painting
Life Drawing
Mixed Media
Oil Painting
Pen and Ink
Realistic Drawing

Specialized Courses


Abstract Expressionism

4 sessions/2 hours per session

Express yourself with vivid colors, textures, and techniques in Palette's Abstract Expressionism course. Students learn various methods of conveying attitudes and emotions with traditional mediums such as acrylic, but will do so through non-conventional approaches to the medium. All materials are provided in this course. 

Available on weekends and weekdays


Arabic Calligraphy

4 months/2 hours per session

Learn how to create beautiful calligraphic compositions in Arabic. Students will start with basic letter practice, composition, kalam letter practice, kalam composition and more. Students will also get an opportunity to learn about classic and modern calligraphy, and towards the end of the course, get the chance to create a calligraphic composition of their own. 

Wednesday mornings


Clay Sculpture

4 sessions/2 hours per session

Students will learn how to mold life-like figures with clay. They will learn how use proportions, build volume, create detail and produce texture using clay. Clay sculpting not only gives you a better sense of objects and forms in 3D, but also  helps improve dexterity and motor skills in your arms. 

Sunday mornings

Model 1.jpg

Fashion Design & Illustration

6 sessions /2 hours per session

Fashion often combines both art and design, and it's something that we use everyday to show who we are. In this course, students will examine the history of fashion design, pivotal fashion designers, and fashion styles. Students will get the opportunity to create their own designs using a variety of mediums and learn how to adapt different illustration styles. 

On demand

Sachin 1.jpeg

Jewelry Design

6-8 weeks/2.5  hours per session

Students will learn jewelry design theory, artistry and its glossary. They will also draw and illustrate faceted and non-faceted gems with rendering and coloring. Students will learn how to develop sources of inspiration and use their inspiration to color and illustrate different shapes, forms and drafting techniques. Towards the end of the course, students will be able to design various forms of necklaces, earrings, pendants, rings, etc. 

On demand

Lia 4.jpeg

Jewelry Making

6-8 weeks/2.5  hours per session

This course starts with  a ring from jewelry wax using lost wax casting in silver or gold. Students will then proceed to work on a project in brass, and make a bangle with geometric design. The third project will be a 3 color pendant in silver, copper and brass. We will use a cabochon stone and students will learn how to make a bezel. Towards the end of the course, students will learn how to fabricate, bend, hammer, file, solder and polish jewelry pieces in metals of their choice. 

On demand

PHOTOGRAPHY with Logeshwari ONLINE.jpg


8 sessions/2 hours per session

Students will get an incredible opportunity to learn the history of photography, and get in-depth knowledge on how to use lighting and framing to create stunning compositions. Students will also have the chance to learn about the software used to edit photos, and the different kind of photography that can be done, with practical sessions to implement the knowledge. 

On demand

gabriel silk painting 3.jpg

Silk Painting

4 sessions/3 hours per session

Silk is a lustrous and supple fabric that reacts beautifully to brilliants dyes and paints. An added advantage to painting on silk is that you can easily create a wearable or a piece of framed art. Whatever subject you admire like animals, flowers, or abstract designs, students will be able to experiment with them on this versatile surface. There are many techniques that will add unusual textures to your painting and will keep you returning to the medium. 

On demand

Clay Sculpture
Fashion Design
Jewelry Design
Silk Painting
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