Duration: 8 weeks
                        Each Session: 2½ hours


This course is for the people who want to explore the watercolouring. In this course, students will start with sketching and basic watercolour techniques. The knowledge of different watercolours and papers are used for it will be given. Students will learn how to create watercolour landscapes, still life and the nature observation.

Week 1 & 2: Simplified drawing and sketching techniques/ Design and composition / Basic watercolour techniques.

Week 3 & 4: Nature observation/ Drawing from the nature object  and the photograph & Still life (Drawing and composition of manmade objects  with nature objects)

Week 5 & 6: Portraits in Watercolour. Understanding the wet on wet techniques, Traditional watercolouring, masking and washes. 

Week 7 & 8: Landscape in Watercolour developed from Photograph and on the spot.


Watercolours & Masking Fluid, Watercolour palette and water containers (2)

Medium Texture Watercolour Paper of A4 or A3 size (300gms)  or Watercolour Pad   (300gsm).  A4 size sketch pad.   Watercolour brushes no. 1, 4, 6, 8, 10.

Pencils - black - HB,  2B, 6B and colour pencil set as well. Eraser.

Source pictures of Nature objects, still life, Landscapes, there will be a charge on the source pictures provided by teachers.


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