Duration: 8 weeks
Each Session: 2½ hours for ages 12 and above

           2 hours for ages 8 to 11

Course objective:


Exposing the basics of drawing… one cannot learn a language without learning the grammar, sketching is the grammar of drawing and painting and this course introduces both newcomers and those who are used to just painting without knowing the basics of sketching, they can learn it from the simple and initial techniques of sketching.

Fees: on request

Session 1: Shapes shades, greyscale

Session 2 and 3: Still life sketching

Session 4:  Body shapes/parts – Hands, feet, eyes

Session 5:  Portrait sketching

Session 8:  Landscape & cityscape (perspective)


Materials needed: Sketchbook of your desired size (minimum A4, pencils (HB, 2b, 4b, 6b, 8b, erasers, colored pencils

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