Course duration: 4 sessions

Days: Tuesday evenings from 5 pm to 8 pm

Fees: AED1000 with materials



Art of Silk painting and designing:

Painting on silk is one of the most exciting avenues of artistic expression. Silk is a lustrous and supple fabric that reacts beautifully to brilliants dyes and paints. An added advantage to painting on silk is that you can easily create wearable or a piece of framed art. Whatever your favorite themes may be animals, flowers, nature or abstract designs you will be able to experiment with them on this versatile surface. There are many techniques that will add unusual textures to your painting they will keep you returning to the subject and yearning to express yourself in a new and unique way. So, join us on a glorious new creative adventure.


Course outline:

Day one: A brief interactive display of the history of silk painting and examples of work of a few artists and the instructor. This will be followed by the assembling of equipment and introduction of materials, cutting and mounting the Silk, creating and transferring the design, outlining and Color mixing by painting an interesting piece.


Day two: Adding Texture with salt and Alcohol and creating freehand patterns on silk and how to enhance your design with block printing and stenciling.


Day Three: Painting a 60x60 cm silk scarf learning how to draw and paint flowers practicing with shading and blending techniques on a wet and dry surface.


Day four: Introducing No - flow technique painting without resist lines. Painting an abstract landscape or any design of students’ choice.

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