Days: Tuesdays afternoons/evenings
Duration: 4 Sessions, 2hours each session
Fees: AED 1200 with materials (excluding vat)

 Acrylic and mixed media painting:


Painting with mix media is a fun exploration of several ways that you can mix paint with other media, to create an exciting range of artwork. It is not for only beginners but also for those who want to expand their repertoire of knowledge and skills.

One of the strengths of mixed media is the sheer number of techniques including painting, drawing, layering, collaging texturizing, sgraffito, mono printing, rubbing, and any more.

The artwork in mixed media also spans across a range of styles from representational art to abstract and non-representations art.

Painting in mixed media encourages you to step out of the box and move beyond the concept of simply applying the paint to canvas and to try new things, explore new combinations and experiment with new techniques. If you don't know where to begin, this workshop is for you to get started.


Course line outline:

Day one: painting with acrylics, India ink and water media-  landscape with water, mountains tree trunks and land with newspaper.

Day two: Painting a flower still life using negative painting technique on a visually textured background created with acrylic pouring method and getting inspiration from Zen tangle pattern for the design, adding details with marketers and pens.

Day three: Abstract mixed media textured art. Combining corrugated cardboard, textured mediums and 3D found objects to create layered abstract art.

Day Four: Paint faces using oil pastels, watercolors, and white gouache and color pencils over an old book page.

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