Fashion is one of the most influential industries today. It has many similarities with art, and sometimes their borders are blurry. Art can be inspired by fashion, and fashion illustration is the art of communicating fashion ideas through different art mediums. It is exploring possibilities and freedom are unlimited and so is the pleasure of the creative process.


Session 1: Although fashion is something that can mostly be connected with ladies, some of the best fashion illustrators (besides ladies) are men. Students will learn about the most influential contemporary illustrators and their different styles.


Session 2: Fashion illustration has a very long history, and it is closely connected with costume making. Students will learn about fashion styles from different eras along with practising.


Session 3 - 5: Practising with different styles and art tools, mixed mediums, understanding models proportions and learning to simplify shapes into basic ones. Making a realistic illustration using grid and other helpful transfers.


Session 6: Learning to make realistic fashion portrait.And also able to prepare a very nice fashion illustration portfolio


Session 7: Learning to make illustrations of cosmetic products and accessories.


Session 8: Practising the calligraphic style of fashion illustration.

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