Number of Sessions: 6
Each Session: 2½ hours

Age groups: 15 years and above

Course Objective

This course explores the possibility of making beads out of Air-Dry clay, exercise jewellery making ideas on wet clay designs bringing out different textures, impressions, shapes and embedding objects into clay to create your own unique hand-made necklace, bracelets or earrings.  

Course Outline

The most creative and time consuming part comes in bringing out the desired shape and impression, type of looping and its beading finish. During the course you could use collectables such as broken glass pieces, metal pieces, sequins or small beads from old jewellery.

1st session

  • Introduction to the types of Clay used in Jewellery

  • Supplies, materials and its resources 

  • Moulding, Shaping, Texturing, Bead Holing and embedding in clay


2nd session

  • Observation, drawing the required design and texture

  • Making clasps, tying knots, looping.

  • Learning to make a pendant, necklace, stud, earings, rings, charms, bracelets, brooches, etc...

  • Functional application of the tools and materials


3rd session

  • Painting the air dried pieces and its beading 

  • Finishing techniques and clasp procedures

  • More practice  


4th session

  • Correction on practised pieces

  • Alternative ideas for clay craft: Home decor, hangings, key chains and many more.

5th session

  • Types of machine made/Artificial beads, techniques of beading, types of findings, wire work and wire jewellery techniques


6th session

  • Tips on artificial-beaded jewellery makeover, repair, reconstruct or make a new piece from your collection of beads 

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