Endorsements/ Testimonials

Narmeen's Testimonial - Digital Art Workshop

I really enjoyed the workshop although there wasn't enough material for a two day class, it could have been a one day class, the second day was great for practicing what we learnt on the first day, I enjoyed the small size of the class and the instructor was really personable and gave great tips. I would love to take another digital Art course to learn portraits and using the different brushes. That could have been taught on the next day actually

Soham's Testimonial - Digital Art Workshop

The workshop with Nawaf sir was phenomenal. I had always wanted to do digital art, but I didn’t know how or what to do. I really wanted to learn as I want to pursue my career in digital designing and art. When Nawaf sir came I found myself learning to do portraits, which is something I am not good at and don’t do very often. I learnt that even portraits can be made fun and beautiful. I loved the way he went out of his specialty and his main goal to allow me a different set of activities and let me draw and create my own characters, as he saw that even though he taught me a lot, portrait was still not something I would do. I think it may have ended too early and I wish to have the opportunity to learn from sir again.

Fatma's Testimonial - Clay modelling

The team at Palette is very nice, helpful and accommodating. Working with Shazia was amazing as I learned the skills of using clay from A to Z in a short period of time. I struggled with broken and cracked clay before the lessons and ended up with perfect pieces. The creativity and guidance she gave was excellent to prepare me to start creating my own sculptures. Definitely recommend the clay sculpting class.

Kashish's Testimonial - Architecture Portfolio

Having no previous training in Art and a portfolio being a necessity UK academics, Palette came as a savior during my most crucial time. It not only accommodated me per my hours, not to mention my hectic schedule of 12th CBSE but also helped me polish my skills to the best of my ability in a very short time, completing my target.

Aparna's Testimonial - Architecture Portfolio

One of the most integral parts of my application as an undergraduate architecture student was the portfolio. Even as an art student at school, the process sounded nerve-wracking. Palette came to my rescue and helped me transform my portfolio to one of the best components of my application. Many counselling agencies claim that they help with the portfolio, but they merely refer to the selection and compilation of pre-existing artwork. On the other hand, Palette provided a holistic experience.


My best pieces from my existing work was picked with the help of artists and architects at Palette. The requirements for each college was fine tuned and I was able to devise a schedule that accommodated several artists whose guidance I obtained to create new pieces for the rest of my portfolio. As an aspiring architect working with Mr.Rajeet, a real life-architect, was a one of a kind experience. Under his guidance, I was able to obtain an insight on what I will be pursuing and create pieces that will speak to accomplished architects.


Mr. Subhasheesh is another artist I had the opportunity to work with, his proficiency helped me create few of my best works of art. He can work wonders with any medium and the versatility a portfolio requires was amplified by his expertise. He also helped me fine tune many of my previous works.


Ms. Ritwika’s conceptual guidance is truly commendable. As her daughter is a fine arts student, Ms. Ritwika was able to acquire the essence of what speaks to the admission officers. The opportunity to work with several artists is truly the highlight of the Palette experience. I wholeheartedly recommend Palette to all students aspiring planning on pursuing the arts.

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